At CW Claims, we offer a variety of other claim services, from cyber related claims, pre loss assessment and readiness report, post loss investigation and remediation recommendations, inland marine/cargo, products liability, conference settlements, and internal audit capabilities.

Cyber Claims

With so many unknowns in the cyber security field, one thing that is for certain is that the scope of a cyber claim is too broad for one specialist to tackle. Recognizing and addressing this issue, CW Claims & Risk have anticipated this need by joining forces with Cyber Claims Canada who have assembled a team of professionals from all areas to handle a claim from start to finish. Spearheaded by Clive Wayne, an expert in the insurance field, Cyber Claims Canada has a multidisciplinary team able to manage the complexities of cyber crime claims. Their team includes a top lawyer who holds a seat on the Advisory Board of the Canadian Advanced Technologies Alliance Cyber Council, members of a professional accounting firm providing advisory services since 1991, a recognized professional investigator who specializes in cyber investigations and a public relations firm dedicated to managing the spread of information in the event of a cyber breach. To support the technology aspect of cyber crimes, Clive has recruited one of the top Canadian cyber security firms. The unique team of experts retained by Cyber Claims Canada is able to address all facets of a cyber claim, large or small, to ensure a seamless handling of the claim.

Pre loss assessment and readiness report

A popular requirement prior to issuing a cyber policy is a pre loss assessment of the perspective insureds cyber profile. CW Claims & Risk in association with Cyber Claims Canada has the capacity to provide that and other pre loss forensic services included but not limited to the following:

  • In depth assessment of existing and potential cyber exposures.
  • Breach testing and report on weaknesses and susceptibilities.
  • Prepare, provide and test an “Incident Response Plan”.
  • Annual review to ensure maintenence of, compliance with and testing results of incident response plan.

These services will assist an insurer in keeping exposures to a minimum and given this constantly evolving space, we believe these services to be a necessity to operating a positive cyber program.

Post loss investigation and remediation recommendations

We have the capacity to respond to all levels of cyber events from a lost or stolen laptop to a major breach. We have familiarized ourselves with most of the policies offering cyber coverages and have assembled a team of experts in this field to call upon as may or may not be required. In addition to a report as to causation and coverage, our reports include recommendations as to implementations to prevent similar or further losses.

Inland marine/cargo

The transportation industry in southern Ontario continues to flourish. We pride ourselves on offering the following services for all our cargo claims.

  • Cargo inspection/survey within 24 hours (where possible).
  • Immediate phone or email contact when perishable goods are involved.
  • A list of knowledgeable salvers who are able to respond immediately to maximize potential salvage value.
  • Initial report within 7 days addressing causation, liability of underwriters and quantification of damages.

Products liability

Product Liability claims can be based on negligence, strict liability or breach of warrant depending on the situation and the jurisdictional laws in place. Our expertise covers all of these areas as well as product recall, Sale of Goods Act and the standard of care taken by every entity through which the product has passed from design to end user.

Settlement conferences

CW Claims & Risk has experience in representing the insurer at settlement conferences/meetings. Be it one file or a number of files with the same plaintiff counsel. We have made it our goal to negotiate and settle (when possible) keeping the insurer and the claimant’s best interests in mind.

Internal audit capabilities

Please call to discuss your requirements and our services in this area.