CW Claims & Risk is equipped to handle all of your automobile losses from the smallest PD claim to a large and complex loss on a task or full handle basis. We deliver quality reports outlining our findings as well as our recommendations.

Auto AB

At CW Claims & Risk we understand the needs of both claimants and insurers. We are able to ajudicate files while providing prompt and fair service and in compliance with government regulations.

  • CW Claims & Risk Accident Benefit department combines expertise, experience and knowledge to provide you with a smart solution for your claim handling needs and requirements.
  • Expert handling of both medical and regulatory issues
  • Diligence and focus provides reduced shelf life and indemnity costs while providing the utmost quality and customer service.
  • Effective management of small and large run-off projects.
  • Prompt intake, recording and routing of assignments according to your preferences.
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology which provides fast, secure, accurate and up-to-date claims information.

Auto BI

CW Claims & Risk understands that in today’s world privacy legislation is front and foremost and developing specific information on Personal Injury Claims can be challenging. Our experience and knowlege play an important role in enablings us to gather information from a solicitor or AB carrier.

Auto SIU

We have been handling staged and suspicious automobile accidents and injury claims for a major international automobile rental company for a number of years. Our contacts and expertise in this area is significant.


An adjuster is often judged by the quality of their statement and this is where we exceed expectations. We provide a thorough easy to read statement enabling you to determine coverage and to properly quantify the claim.

Priority Investigations

Our team has the ability to perform technically strong, completely thorough priority investigations claims.  We understand the issues that matter most when dealing with daily and catastrophic claims. Our goal is to provide you with a superior investigation, in tandem with timely and concise reporting, each and every time.

Loss Transfer Investigation

CW Claims & Risk has extensive expertise with private arbitrations, resolving priority and loss transfer disputes between insurers. CW Claims & Risk will ensure prompt and equitable handling of investigations with an emphasis on Loss Transfer files.

Scene Investigation

CW Claims & Risk offers  scene investigations of an accident or incident with photographs, videotape, measurements, equipment layout, traffic and traffic control devices, signage, and any other circumstances pertaining to an accident or incident. A thorough scene investigation will help obtain necessary information to access the validity of a claim and assist in eliminating fraud.

Accident Claims and Scene Investigation